This registration link is for tribal agencies on the list below, who already have established an agency in QREST. If your tribal agency is not yet in QREST, please email, and we will get you established so that you can use the features of QREST for your data.

The access and use of the QREST requires the creation of a user ID and password that you must maintain and keep confidential.

By proceeding, you acknowledge that you fully understand and consent to all the following:

  • QREST supports multiple sovereign nations’ Environmental Agencies and was designed to be consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People,* which states that the Tribal Agency owner has the right to determine the means of collection, access, analysis, interpretation, management, dissemination and reuse of data pertaining to the Indigenous peoples from whom it has been derived, or to whom it relates.
  • QREST is maintained by ITEP Tribal Air Monitoring Support Center (TAMS) Admins and the OpenEnvironments QREST Admin and developer.  It is the policy of these Global Admins that all information and data stored by Tribal Nations in QREST represent inalienable intellectual properties of the Tribal Nation owner, represented in QREST by the Tribal Agency Administrator.  Consistent with this policy, QREST includes a “lockout” feature that prevents access by the ITEP TAMS QREST Admin to information other than the Tribal Agency’s organization information.  However, QREST is a shared technical environment requiring ongoing IT support for troubleshooting/analysis/diagnostic/testing/performance/development, so the OpenEnvironments Global Admin responsible for this cloud-based multi-tenant solution will have access to Tribal Agency data.
  • ITEP TAMS Admins policy is to review information or data only upon request by the Tribal Agency, and to not access polling status or other uses of QREST by the Tribal Agency.  It is the responsibility of the Tribal Agency to verify the status of their information and data in QREST, and to communicate with ITEP TAMS Admins regarding questions, issues, or new features. 

*United Nations. United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Resolution/Adopted by the General Assembly, 2 October 2007, A/RES/61/295